Yui Hamagashira is an animator/animation director in London.

After graduating in 2009 she has since been signed with Film Club Productions as a film director contributing to the creative and commercial landscape.

As an independent artist, Yui is continuing to develop her first independent short film ‘Home of Sleepwalkers‘, whilst engaged in collaborations with other animators, musicians and film makers. Currently she is working within the “Codex Naturalis” project along with Estonian artists and researchers.

Her philosophy: Using animation as a tool capable of imagining, her work tries to reach beyond the point of departure where verbal language ceases. Yui believes language and poetry can exists in many forms. If a word “ANIMA-tion” came from Anima in which means sprit/soul in Latin, animation is most unbound tool to represent our souls, emotions and that which is invisible.



2006-2009: BA (Hons) Animation, University for the Creative Arts(UCA) at Farnham, UK

2005-2006: Diploma in Foundation studies(Art&Design), University collage for the Creative Arts(UCCA) at Farnham, UK

2003-2005: Otago Girls Highschool in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Art residence

Tartu Art residency in Estonia, July 2015

The Abbaye de Fontevraud in France from October 2011.


Festivals and Screening

Bronze for MindFull’s Let It All Out campaign commercial at the 28th London International Awards (LIA) with directors/Animators: Will Barras, Shay Hamias, Yui Hamagashira

Music Video for Led Bib “Is that a woodblock?” is selected as a winner for the BFI Future Film Festival: Music Video category.

Three of my films are going to screen at the Hendrick Lecture at the Last Tuesday Society on the 4th March 2011 for Japanese Surrealism films with the Master of experience filmmaker Terayama Syuji(寺山修司: 1935-1983) and the avant-garde theater group Tenjo Sajiki(天井桟敷)

Three of my films (‘Black Grapes of the Chest’, ‘Said the Fly’ and ‘On the edge of the Oxeye‘) are going to screen at ‘BIZARRE, SURREAL AND HORROR IN THE MOVING IMAGE’ with Last Tuesday Society by the Light & Shadow Parlour on February 2011

Official Music Video for Led Bib ‘Is that a Woodblock?‘ is screen at the Light & Shadow Salon at the horse hospital on January 2011

Black Grapes of the Chest” shortlisted in the best student category of the 2010 British Animation Award.

Both “Black Grapes of the Chest” and “Said the Fly” screened at the Light & Shadow Salon on January 2010.

On the edge of the Oxeye” received a prize “Roger Noake Award” by Professor Roger Noak for Best Animated Film 2009.

Black Grapes of the Chest” screened at :

London Short Film Festival 2010

Annecy08 Graduation film category

The Melbourne International Animation Festival 2008

Australian Interenatinal Animation Festival 2008

The London Internatinal Animation Festival 2008

The Portable Film Fesival in Melbourne 2008

British Shorts2 Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival 2009

KILK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2008 -Panorama Programme

Laputa Animation Festival 2008 – Panorama Program.

Live performance & Animation with Marura and Nosphillipe at Collision 08 Festival

Said the Fly” screened:

London Short Film Festival 2010

British Shorts2, Linchtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival 2009,



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